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B2B Ecommerce Advanced

1. How to become a successful online B2B player?

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2. Why do you need a centralized information provision?

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3. Why integrate your web store with your ERP system?

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4. What do you need for successful information provision?

In the end, only web stores that are able to provide the information needed by their customers will be successful. It is important to provide product details, technical specifications and images. However, to make your web store a true self-service portal for your customers, you need to incorporate some crucial information elements.
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5. How to create a centralized information system?

Centralized information provision is the concept of storing specific (pieces of) product information in just one place or one single database. This way, data redundancy can be avoided and the path is clear for efficient product data management.
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6. What are the benefits of a centralized information provision?

Centralizing the information provision of your B2B web store can lead to some good efficiency gains. We have described five benefits here.
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7. How can you personalize the buying experience?

B2B selling is all about building long-term relationships with customers. A web store provides an opportunity to develop close customer relationships and provide a completely personalized experience.
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8. What kind of B2B applications and software is available?

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9. How to make the right choice for your B2B ecommerce platform?

After considering the features needed for the B2B web store, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors have to decide on the right ecommerce platform. This is a strategic decision that needs to be future-proof, even if companies are taking a first step into B2B ecommerce and do not expect online sales revenues to be high in the short term.
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10. What are the advantages of EDI and B2B ecommerce combined?

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