What to consider when setting up a B2B Web store?

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What to consider when setting up a B2B Web store?

Since B2B buyers are very different from online consumers, and have unique and more complex requirements, this has a huge influence over the features and functionality required in a B2B web store. Buyers are concerned that the process is efficient and accurate in terms of buyer authorization, product inventory, pricing, repeat orders and order history, shipping and credit terms.

Since customer retention is a top metric for measuring the success of any ecommerce program, ensuring a positive customer experience is important. B2B buyers themselves want to have more integration with suppliers’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and financial systems with 60% [1]of B2B executives citing integration with ERP and accounting systems as a top technology priority.

B2B buyer profile and must-have features2.png
B2B buyer profiles and must-have web store features.

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