Commerce Development Research Institute

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Commerce Development Research Institute

CDRI Logo Eng.png
Country Taiwan

Contributing employees

Chien-Pin Wang
Vice President
Holly Lu
Research Assistant
Jack Chang
Marco Parco
miss chen schwartz
nabil ismail mr maklai
senior research analyst
nabil mr ismail
senior research analyst
nabil mr maklai
senior research analyst
Proto Male
raj got
Rodrigo Martinho
samir marey

Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) positions itself as National Level Services Research Think Tank in Taiwan. Its major objectives are "Setting up benchmarks for the service sector by creating high-quality, high added-value innovation capabilities and integrating resources to accelerate knowledge accumulation and elevate international competitiveness".

CDRI’s functions include creating blue sea in the service sector, by playing the role of a platform of knowledge exchange for the government, local industries, academia, and research institutes. Additionally, it brings in powerful resources and connections to provide suggestions to the Government for their decision-making references, and to offer total solutions to private enterprises.

Download the reports by Commerce Development Research Institute here