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Content Marketing Advanced

1. How to select a content management system (CMS)?

In the previous chapter, we have discussed what a CMS is and briefly mentioned some of the most popular content management solutions out there, such as WordPress and Yoomla.

In this chapter, we will talk about how to select a right CMS for your needs.
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2. How to set up a content production process?

When the decision for a new content marketing campaign has been made, you have to determine your goals, what content you need and through which channels you want to communicate it. This is a very important decision as not all content or channels fit in well with every message that you want to bring across to the public you want to reach.
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3. How to set up an editorial calendar for content marketing?

In order to determine how to set up an editorial calendar for content marketing, we first have to know what such a calendar is exactly. A content marketing editorial calendar is a planning schedule that provides an overview of your campaign plan. It is used by a content marketing team to control the creation of content, from idea through publication across different media, such as newspapers, websites and social media platforms.
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4. How to measure the impact of content marketing?

Measuring the impact of content marketing is a difficult process. In order to be properly able to do this, you should always first set clear objectives before you start. What do you want to accomplish with your content?
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