How to measure the impact of content marketing?

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How to measure the impact of content marketing?

It is a popular believe that measurement comes at the end of a content marketing campaign, but this is not the case; it actually forms the end and the beginning (as well as everything in between) of your process. After all, once you have measured your impact, you will use the results to further optimize the process, so the measurement of your content marketing’s impact is never the end of the process.

Measuring the impact of content marketing is a difficult process. In order to be properly able to do this, you should always first set clear objectives before you start. What do you want to accomplish with your content? From a business perspective, there are generally three main goals that you want to achieve: improving sales, saving costs and improving retention. Naturally, there are a lot of ways to accomplish this, but these goals are too broad in order to measure whether your campaign was successful. Therefore, you should always make sure that your objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART).

Setting KPIs

This easy-to-use matrix by Smart Insights will help you on your way to select the right KPIs for your purpose:

Content measures (2).jpg
How to select the right KPIs for every purpose[1]

This matrix gives a clear overview of what brand, tactical and commercial measures can be used for what objective (reach, act, convert and engage). Brand measures are perfect for bigger brands and areas in which there is less competition. Examples are brand mentions and the use of sentiment. Tactical measures include interactions with your customers, such as Likes and Tweets. Commercial measures are the concrete business measures and examples include sales, leads and satisfaction ratings. After determining what kind of measures you want to use and what objective you want to achieve, the matrix gives you possible KPIs that you can measure so that you are able to see the impact of your campaign.

Naturally, there are several ways to measure the KPIs and as such the impact of your campaign. With the help of tools such as Google Analytics and CMSs, it is now perfectly possible to get more insights into the results.



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