What are the different types of content marketing?

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What are the different types of content marketing?

Over the years, content marketing has grown to be much more than thinking up a great story relating to your brand or company and publishing it as an article in newspapers, magazines or blog posts. There are several ways in which you can properly bring your message across. Below you will find a list with interesting types of content marketing. Please note that this list is far from exhaustive but merely an overview of possible methods:

  • Social media posts

These days, companies cannot do without a number of social media accounts. Through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, it is easy to spread messages and to get in contact with your customers. However, a proper social media strategy is very important in order to react to and interact with customers and other stakeholders

  • Videos

Videos can be a perfect way to deliver your message. It is far more attractive and entertaining than a simple text and you can easily show viewers who you and/or your company are. Be aware, however, that when a video becomes outdated, you have to replace it completely by another video. It is a lot easier to adapt a text or an image. There are several places where you can share your video content, including your website, social media and blogs

  • Images

It might be a cliché, but that does not take away the fact that it holds true: a picture is worth a thousand words. For instance, when telling a nice story about the history of your company, you can strengthen your message by adding some beautiful old and new pictures of your office or factory. In addition, always include relevant images to your social media and blog posts and make sure to brand them with your logo. This way, when people share your post and/or images, you company is shared along

  • How-to guides

Practical guides that tell people how to do or operate something are very valuable. Not only is it very user-friendly to your visitors, you will also come across as an expert in your field. Again, make sure to brand your content and also try to include clear images and videos in this regard

  • Whitepapers

You can use whitepapers, including clear images and graphs, to show your expertise in specific areas. Ensure that you also pay attention to the layout of the report and that your logo is clearly visible throughout the report

  • Blogs that help solve relevant issues

Blogs are a perfect way to spread your message. In your posts you can include personal opinions and show that you possess interesting knowledge on certain subjects. A major advantage of a blog through social media platforms is that you actually own the blog. This is not the case with a social media account. It is even possible that your account is being deleted by the platform. This might happen due to several reasons, for example because of (unjust) complaints of competitors or other visitors

  • Infographics

Infographics show readers all relevant figures that you wish to communicate at a glance. It is a popular way of easily spreading your message in a clear and attracting way. Again, make sure to brand the infographic with your logo, so that viewers know it is yours. Even though it might be shared by others through social media

  • Webinars

Webinars are more or less the video-equivalent of how-to guides. They are popular to share your knowledge with a large group of interested people with the help of an interactive video. After your presentation, which people can watch through your website, visitors can ask you questions and get in touch with you. In addition to distinguishing yourself as an expert, you can also reach people interested in your field of expertise and receive their contact details

  • Games

Gamification is a hot topic nowadays. It is more expensive and time-consuming than most of the other methods mentioned above, but through a relevant game you can create a unique (branded) consumer experience with your brand and product.

Selecting a type of content marketing

Different types of content marketing[1]

Unfortunately, you cannot simply pick one of the methods mentioned above (or any other method for that matter) because you like it or because it fits best within your schedule or budget. There are several aspects that you have to take into account when selecting your type of content marketing. Again, the list below is far from exhaustive but merely an overview of possible aspects that you need to consider:

Target audience

Who do you want to reach with your message? For this, you have to thoroughly segment your audience, for instance in terms of age, location and education level. Then you should determine with what type of content marketing you can optimally reach them. A flashy game to introduce your brand will probably be more successful among persons between 15 and 25 than between 65 and 75 years old.

Your own brand or product

Naturally, the type of content marketing also has to fit in with the brand or product that you wish to sell. A webinar on how to construct a small brick wall in your garden will probably be less successful than a clear video or how-to guide with images.


Not every stage of the customer journey lends itself for every type of content marketing. When you want to build brand awareness, you should focus more on branded videos and games than on written content, as your visitors will remember your brand better because of the unique content. However, if your aim is to reach a large audience for the launch of one of your products, a social media campaign, including images and infographics, might be more successful.

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Content types and goals[2]


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