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Bridging the Content and Commerce Divide

8 March 2016, Blue Paper, Document, 10 pages

Content and commerce integration has become an essential component of a company’s customer experience management strategy. In order to succeed at this integration, companies need to understand the languages and heritages of the content and commerce worlds. Being armed with this knowledge will help companies make well-informed decisions around content- and commerce-related technology strategy and purchasing.

Tags: Content Marketing, Retail/Brands - Other, English
Partner: Digital Clarity Group

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12 July 2016, Research Study, Document, 25 pages




  • Shoppable content 101: definition & examples
  • How shoppable content reduces the purchasing process for consumer
  • The ROIs of shoppable articles & interactive videos

This report is detailing everything there is to know about shoppable content, highlighting the best practices from famous retail brands. Get it now!

Tags: Content Marketing, Retail/Brands - Other, Retail/Brands - Fashion & Accessoires, Retail/Brands - Sport & Recreation, English
Partners: Styla, Smartzer

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EcommerceWiki Full Content Marketing Report

13 September 2015, Topic report, Document, 27 pages

Tags: Content Marketing, English

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WP17 Differentiating and Driving Sales with Content in Commerce

February 2014, Topic report, , pages

In the past, brands and retailers could rely on product assortment and price as differentiators but, in today’s highly competitive retail landscape, it is necessary to find new ways to attract and keep customers. An increasing number of brands and retailers are using content in commerce as a differentiator – a strategy that has proven successful for many organizations. By infusing relevant and compelling content, retailers and brands are turning ecommerce into destination sites, resulting in long-term loyalty and increased sales. In this paper, we will explore the concept of content in commerce and take a closer look at different content strategies and their benefits.

Tags: Content Marketing, Omnichannel Architecture, Retail/Brands - Other, English

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WP30 The Content Value Chain: From Onboarding to Publication

January 2016, Topic report, , pages

Product content plays an essential role throughout the sales and buying processes. In a B2B2C environment, where product content is generated and enriched by multiple stakeholders on its journey to the end customer, it is critical to not only ensure that you:

- deliver accurate product information to all constituents in the content value chain and across all end customer touch points; - develop a clear understanding of your most differentiated content assets; and - obtain continuous feedback on content performance at every stage of the its journey

By executing on these three pillars in an omnichannel environment, you can significantly improve the bottom line for your company and your channel partners.

Tags: Content Marketing, Omnichannel Architecture, Retail/Brands - Other, English

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