On Which Shopping Channel Should I Advertise?

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On Which Shopping Channel Should I Advertise?

Choosing the right shopping channel for your business is highly dependent on a couple of factors.

What type of Channel do you prefer?

If you list your products on Search Engines or Comparison Shopping Channels, you pay a fee for every click to your shop. On Affiliate Networks and Marketplaces, you pay a fee (fixed or percentage) for every sale. There are quite a few differences between the various channel types. First, decide which type fits your needs best.

  • What type of Product do you sell? Some shopping channels offer all products you can think of; others are specialized in certain categories. There are a few things you can do to figure out which is best for you.
  • Check the categories per Channel: Some Channels are specialized in certain product categories. Check out a few channels and see what categories they offer. If they have a category for your products, they may be a good match.
  • Do they sell your Competitor’s Products? You can go a level deeper: enter a few of your products in the search bar of a shopping channel and check out the results. Are they selling your products? Are your competitors advertising on this channel? If few competitors are offering your type of products, it may be that they already found out that it does not work. Vice versa as well of course!
  • Trial and Error The proof of the pudding is still in the eating. Pick a few channels (start with no more than 3) and start advertising. After a while, you can see which channels get you more sales and less cost. Then replace the worst channel by another one and see if it does better.

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