What is the impact of ecommerce on the customer journey?

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What is the impact of ecommerce on the customer journey?

One of the challenges for companies is to know the customer decision journey and adapt quickly to consumer’s needs.

Customer journey is a common term to describe modern multichannel consumer behavior. As Dave Chaffey states it is:

“A description of modern multichannel behavior as consumers use different media to select suppliers, make purchases and gain customer support”. (Source: Dave Chaffey, Digital Business & ECommerce Management 6th edition, December 2014)

Companies adjust their marketing strategy and spend their advertising budget differently once they know how consumers shop. When can the shopper be influenced and through what device? In which phase of the customer journey does your customer need extra support? It is complex for an organization that uses multiple channels to provide support during the customer journey. There are different users, with different needs that use different channels. And they expect the best service 24/7. You need to understand the complete customer journey in order to measure which channels could lead to conversion.

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Every customer experiences its own customer journey.

New improvements can even become part of the customer journey at home. Amazon introduced the Amazon Dash Button. It uses WiFi connected devices that reorder your favorite items with the press of a button. You no longer run out of certain products anymore. After you have pressed the button, Amazon sends an order confirmation to your phone. The next day your product is delivered. Watch the video to see how it works:

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