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— reveals new approaches, ideas, trends and best Ukrainian and European experience in e-commerce — an exhibition that unites the leading companies serving the e-commerce market

— a platform to meeting for industry leaders to exchange the experience between the experts and making new partnerships for business development.
Kyiv, Ukraine
The truth is, modern Europe is a loose affiliation of interconnected national markets. But certain new commerce technologies have begun to radically transform the face of consumer experience across all European markets. These technologies include mobile wallets and card-linking. This conference brings together the leading digital companies from the largest, most innovative commerce markets in Europe including Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Russia to reveal the future of commerce both in-store and online.
Zurich, Switzerland
Commerce and shopping have the opportunity to become dramatically more efficient and powerful for both consumers and retailers. This conference convenes the leading merchants and technology companies revolutionizing commerce with real time data, artificial intelligence, card-linking and commerce bots. Hear from the leading retailers and technology companies deploying this technology today. Come join the discussion with executives from Hilton, Discover, First Data, Verifone, Rakuten/Ebates, Sumitomo Mitsui Card and many more.
chicago, United States
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eRetail Europe is a one-day event designed to help great retailers become even greater online. The focus is on excellent content and networking, with an exclusive guest list made up of top notch professionals in online retail from across Europe.
Amsterdam, Netherlands