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Ecommerce Facts & Figures of France

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Yearly the Ecommerce Foundation researches 40+ countries globally on the areas of economy, ecommerce, technology and business culture. France is one of those countries. On this page you can find a few findings of the Ecommerce Foundation's research on France for 2015.

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Introduction of France

France is a republic in Western Europe. It has a population of 66.4 million people and its capital is Paris. The official language is French and widely spoken foreign languages are English, Spanish, Italian and German. France has a GDP of €2,183.6 billion, which represents a GDP per capita of €32,900 in 2015.

66.4 million people GDP of €2,183.6 billion
10.4% unemployed Inflation of 0.1%

B2C Ecommerce Turnover €64.9 billion
B2C Ecommerce growth 14.3%
Online population 47 million
Number of eShoppers 37 million
VAT rate 20%
Most popular payment method Carte Bancaire

Ecommerce in France

In 2015, the French B2C ecommerce turnover grew by 14.3% to €64.9 billion. France had an online population of 47 million of people who were aged 15 and older.

Of the total online population, 37 million bought something online in 2015. The average spending per eShopper was €1,754 in this year.

Tips for ecommerce in France

  • The French language is key. A website in a foreign language or badly translated into French has little chance of succeeding
  • French shoppers attach great importance to good quality of service. If their standards and requirements are not met, French consumers have no problem switching to your competitors
  • Another important point is payment; even though digital wallets have gained increasing significance over the past few years, debit/credit cards are still by far the most frequently used means of online payment
  • French consumers like to be informed early on about the time of delivery and any additional shipping costs when purchasing online
  • When ordering online, it is important for French consumers to be able to trace their order through your website or by email
  • A lot of French consumers find it important to choose their own date of delivery
  • French consumers attach great value to free shipping; this is more important than a quick delivery, for example.
  • A prior analysis needs to be performed to assess all the CIT, VAT, declarative and invoicing impacts.
  • From a VAT standpoint, the rules to be applied will differ depending on the nature of the e-commerce activities: B2B, B2C, Supply of goods, Supply of services. Specific regime will apply (new 2015 B2C regime for e-services, EU distant rules for goods, etc.).
  • If the threshold is not exceeded, but the applicable VAT rate of the country of arrival is lower than the VAT rate of the country where the transport begins, the supplier could nevertheless opt to account for VAT of the country of arrival. Please note that this is only possible when certain conditions have been fulfilled.
  • Before trading in France, we recommend to visit the Q&A Online Taxes and VAT in France page.

The French Ecommerce Association, FEVAD

Logo FEVAD.png

FEVAD is a professional French branch association for all actors in e-commerce or other forms of distant selling. FEVAD interferes when authorities put their members interests at stake. Next to that FEVAD provides e-commerce knowlegde, seminars and conventions.

Want to know more about the French Ecommerce market?

An analysis of the Ecommerce market in worldwide is available download. All information about the French Ecommerce market can be can be found in the following free reports:

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Local ecommerce news from France

01-02-2017 - Ecommerce in France was worth €72 billion in 2016

Ecommerce in France has reached the 70 billion mark. French consumers spent about 72 billion euros online in 2016, which is an increase of 14.6 percent compared to the situation in 2015. Over one billion online purchases were made in France, that’s 33 transactions per second. Continue reading

09-11-2016 - Amazon sells Amazon Dash Button in France

After launching its Dash buttons in the UK, Germany and Austria three months ago, the American company is now releasing its consumer goods-ordering buttons in France. Amazon Premium subscribers in France will be able to order the button that triggers the replenishment of 500 different products. Continue reading

25-10-2016 - Ecommerce software Oxatis raises €5 million

French ecommerce solution Oxatis raised 5 million euros from Arkea Capital and prior backers A Plus Finance and Omnes Capital. With the fresh funding, the SaaS-based ecommerce solutions provider wants to further expand across Europe. Continue reading

24-10-2016 - The best retail apps in France

More than 40 percent of mobile shoppers in France used a mobile phone to make purchases online. And the mobile retail apps from Polyvore, Stocard, Asos en Lidl are ranked highest among French mobile consumers. There are several things retailers can learn from these popular shopping apps. Continue reading

12-10-2016 - Ecommerce platform Kooomo partners with HiPay

SaaS ecommerce platform Kooomo and French online payment solution HiPay have partnered, giving Kooomo’s ecommerce merchants access to the HiPay payment solution directly from the platform. HiPay offers over 220 local and international payments methods. Continue reading

07-10-2016 - French Showroomprivé acquires Saldi Privati

Showroomprivé, an French private fashion sales provider, has acquired Saldi Privati, a subsidiary of the Italian Banzai group. With the acquisition, Showroomprivé becomes the second actor in online private sales in Italy. Continue reading

16-09-2016 - DPD France launches new services

DPD France has launched two new services. Mister Pasha, a premium service for after-hours package delivery, and Pickup Drive, which is said to be the first network for parcel pick-up and drop-off by car in less than three minutes. Continue reading

12-09-2016 - Ecommerce in France grew 13% to €35 billion in first half 2016

Ecommerce in France has increased by 15 percent during the first quarter of this year and increased by 13 percent during the first six months. During this period, online retailers in France generated sales worth 35 billion euros. Continue reading

30-08-2016 - Ecommerce in France grew 12.95% in second quarter 2016

Ecommerce in France has grown during the second quarter of this year. Online sales increased by 12.95 percent, compared to the same period last year. The number of online purchases has also increased during this period: it grew 18.12 percent year-on-year. Continue reading

16-08-2016 - Essilor acquires online glasses retailer MyOptique

Essilor International, a leading optics company from France, has acquired UK-based online glasses retailer MyOptique. This ecommerce player operates websites across Europe, such as Glasses Direct and SunGlasses Shop in the UK, Lensbest in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands and Lenson in Sweden. Continue reading

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