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InternetRetailing Events

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Lucia Ruiz
Marketing Manager
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Marketing Assistant

InternetRetailing Events

InternetRetailing Events (IRE) create innovative and vibrant market-leading events designed to connect and enrich the Retail ecosystem. Our events include exhibitions, conferences, summits and smaller private events aimed to inspire retailers and contribute on the development of the multichannel retail industry.

For over 10 years our Top-Level speakers have been delivering the best content in more than 22 events per year designed to fulfil the needs of different audiences within multichannel retail and eCommerce. Our international portfolio includes the award-winning InternetRetailing Expo, eDelivery Expo, InternetRetailing Conference, eDelivery Conference, InternetRetailing Summit & B2B, InternetRetailing Awards, Breakfast Briefings, eCommerce Exchanges.

We work in partnership with InternetRetailing and eDelivery Media which are the leading online portal and magazines for European ecommerce and host the board level conversation for multichannel retail across all platforms.

IRE is part of Clarion Events and benefits from its 70 years of expertise delivering events across the globe. Our 500 employees based in our nine offices worldwide specialise in delivering first class marketing, networking, and information solutions in high value sectors, both in mature and emerging geographies.

IR Expo

InternetRetailing Expo (IRX) is aimed at multichannel professionals to learn, network and discover the latest trends and technology in retail and eCommerce. 6,000 retail and eCommerce professionals from across the world attend IRX every year to learn from the 80 Top Speakers sharing their experiences and expertise on the largest multichannel educational programme in the UK. 78 hours’ worth of content, expert independent advice and the latest cutting edge technology make IRX an un-missable event that delivers the best and most enriching event of the events ecosystem.

eDelivery Expo

eDelivery Expo (EDX) is the sister event of our award winning InternetRetailing Expo and Europe’s only retail logistics dedicated show.EDX explores the delivery side of the multichannel performance and is for directors and senior managers looking after logistics, operations and supply chain in multichannel and ecommerce. Co-located with the successful, Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) EDX will provide networking opportunities, thought provoking content and discussion, insight by industry leading suppliers and retailers.

InternetRetailing Conference

The InternetRetailing Conference is the leading conference for multichannel retail and eCommerce in Europe. IRC 2016 hosted for its 11th time over 1,000 C-Level multichannel professionals involved in the on-going change modelling retail. Now into its second decade at the forefront of multichannel , the 11th Annual Conference will explore ‘New Horizons’ that the modern digitally-enabled retailer can scan to satisfy the demands of the connected, savvy customer.

eDelivery Conference

eDelivery Conference is for professionals who are responsible for “S-O-L-D” – Supply Chain, Operations, Logistics and Delivery. This year’s 2nd annual conference, will explore how the infrastructural aspects of multichannel retail are creating new capabilities to turn into customer promises. Our scope at eDelivery Conference is pan-European, reflecting the fact that major networks and suppliers already operate cross-border. Consequently our speakers will be drawn from leading retail experts in Europe, who will analyse the practical approaches needed to fulfil the multichannel promise.

InternetRetailing Summit

The InternetRetailing Summit is an immersive and inspirational experience for the brightest mind in multichannel retail. Reserved to retailers only, 150 C-level professionals get together to discuss the developments of the industry and share their day-to-day challenges. A unique three days experience where everyone contributes and takes part in a very dynamic conversation to find the solutions for the challenges and pursue the development of the industry.

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