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21-02-2017 - German logistics company Rhenus expands to UK

The German-based logistics company Rhenus Group has expanded to the United Kingdom by acquiring Network 4 Home Delivery. Rhenus already has over 500 locations across the world, but the recent acquisition represents Rhenus entering the British market for the first time. Continue reading

20-02-2017 - Amazon to create 15,000 jobs in Europe this year

Amazon has announced its plans to create 15,000 new full-time jobs in Europe this year. It would mean the European-based workforce of the US retail giant will grow from over 50,000 today to more than 65,000 by the end of the year. Continue reading

20-02-2017 - Top 5 Swiss ecommerce beats shopping centers

Last year, the top 5 of online stores in Switzerland has generated more revenue than the five largest Swiss shopping centers. And all this with a fraction of the space being used and with a fraction of the staff costs. Continue reading

17-02-2017 - DPD Germany starts food delivery service DPD Food

DPD Germany is entering the food delivery market. The German  parcel and express service provider will deliver online groceries and other food products. HelloFresh is the first customer to use the service that’s being named DPD Food. Later this year, the service will be available for other customers. Continue reading

17-02-2017 - 377,500 merchants use Shopify

More than 133,000 new merchants began selling on Shopify last year. The ecommerce software of Shopify is now being used by 377,500 merchants across the globe. With the Shopify-plugin for WordPress launched last year, more and more retailers in Europe are using this ecommerce software to sell their products online. Continue reading

16-02-2017 - Russian Export Center and SPSR create ecommerce platform

The Russian Export Center and express carrier SPSR Express signed a partnership agreement, which is meant to open up opportunities of logistics services for Russian exports. Also, an ecommerce platform will be created for listing products across online marketplaces and stores. Continue reading

15-02-2017 - UK among biggest ecommerce complainers in Europe

If consumers in Europe have a problem with something they’ve bought online, they can use the Online Dispute Resolution of the European Commission to try to reach an out-of-court settlement. Most complaints came from Germany, but per capita the United Kingdom is one of the biggest complainers about online purchases. Continue reading

15-02-2017 - The Delivery Group sees revenue reach €235 million

The Delivery Group, a fast-growing UK postal and ecommerce operator, saw its revenue increase by 61 percent during last year. Its turnover is now worth 200 million pounds, or about 235 million euros. The significant jump in revenue is mostly due to the acquisition of P2P Mailing last year. Continue reading

14-02-2017 - Number of mobile users in Sweden increased by 79% in 2016

More and more consumers in Sweden are using their smartphone or tablet to shop online. The amount of mobile users in the Northern European country increased by 79 percent last year. Currently, six in ten mobile users in Sweden are women. Continue reading

13-02-2017 - Amazon Germany: 12.8 billion euros in 2016

Amazon generated revenues worth 14.1 billion dollars, or 12.8 billion euros, in Germany in 2016. The German website now accounts for 10.4 percent of the company’s total revenue and is – again – the biggest market outside of the United States. Continue reading