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Reports (Omnichannel Architecture)

United Kingdom B2C Ecommerce Report 2017 - Light

19 July 2017, Analist Report, , pages

This report provides a basic overview of the state of ecommerce in the United Kingdom. This report includes ecommerce trends, facts and figures, and offers some insights into the United Kingdom ecommerce market. In addition, this report contains some expert ecommerce recommendations, applicable to all online merchants.

Tags: B2B Ecommerce, Cross-border Ecommerce, Delivery and Service, Customer Service, Ecommerce Basics, Ecommerce Strategy, Ecommerce Sustainability, Online Marketing, Mobile Commerce, Social Media and Services, Online Payments, Global Ecommerce Figures, Marketplaces, Omnichannel Architecture, Business Partner (Service provider to Retail/Brand), Consumer Services, Education (Universities, Students), Other, Retail/Brands, Stakeholders (government, associations), Media & Entertainment, English
Partners: SAP, Ingenico, Manhattan Associates, Asendia, Ecommerce Foundation, Ecommerce Europe, IMRG

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Omnichannel architectuur

19 January 2016, Presentation, Presentation, 11 pages

Programma Shopping Tomorrow - Omnichannel Architectuur

• Hoe ziet de optimale Omnichannel architectuurer uit? • Wat zijn belangrijke ontwerpcriteria en te maken keuzes? • Wat kan ik leren van praktijk-voorbeelden?

Tags: Omnichannel Architecture, Dutch
Partners: SAP, magnus

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EcommerceWiki Full Omnichannel Architecture Report

11 October 2016, Topic report, Document, 14 pages

This is the full report of the Omnichannel Architecture topic. This report contains all the basic, advanced and expert content. It provides answers to basic questions such as "What is meant by omnichannel?" and "What is an omnichannel architecture?". In addition, it also deals with more advanced and expert issues, such as "What is the omnichannel maturity model?" and "What are the other current key challenges and how do I cope with them?" Naturally, the actual chapter of Omnichannel Architecture on the EcommerceWiki will be updated regularly. Therefore, we will also update this report as often as possible.

Tags: Omnichannel Architecture, Other, English

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FitForCommerce Annual Report 2017: From Idea to Doorstep

June 2017, Topic report, , pages

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Tags: B2B Ecommerce, Omnichannel Architecture, Content Marketing, Delivery and Service, Digital Marketing Transformation, Ecommerce Basics, Ecommerce Platforms, Ecommerce Software, Ecommerce Strategy, Marketplaces, Mobile Commerce, Online Merchandising, Online Payments, Supply Chain Management, User Experience and Design, English

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WP15 PIM for Retailers

January 2014, Analist Report, , pages

With an abundance of choices for what, when, where and how they buy, consumers are in control of the shopping process. In an effort to meet the expectations of the demanding consumer, retailers are moving toward an omnichannel approach. Superior and consistent product content is a key element in any omnichannel strategy; however, ensuring consistency across all touch points and multiple channels becomes increasingly challenging. In this paper, we will address the importance of product information in omnichannel retailing and how to optimize product content for all channels. Finally, we will explore how a Product Information Management (PIM) solution can be used to automate and streamline the process for efficient, consistent and accurate management of product content.

Tags: Product Information Management, Omnichannel Architecture, Retail/Brand - Other, English

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