How to create your marketing message?

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How to create your marketing message?

A marketing message contains two elements: the actual message and the way in which the message is communicated.

The content of the message

The content of the marketing message and the way it is set-up depends entirely on the marketing goals set and the phase in which the customer is. If the customer just started his customer journey, providing him with inspirational information may be the way to go. On the other hand when the goal is to sell more to customers who are ready to make a transaction, a discount promotion may work best.

The way the message is delivered

Different ways of saying the same message may have a complete impact as the graph below shows. A few tips:

  • Keep the message clear and simple: Trying to communicate multiple messages or a lot of information usually results in the customer ignoring or not understanding the message. Use clear headlines and as little text as possible.

OMP a16.jpg
Keeping the message clear helps

  • Communicate a solution: Companies tend to communicate their product. Do not state what you do but what problem you solve.
  • Go innovative/extreme: Extreme marketing works. Sex does sell. People are continuously looking for new stimuli so make it interesting

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