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Global B2C Ecommerce Country Report 2017 (free)

27 September 2017, Analist Report, , 144 pages

The Global B2C Ecommerce Country Report 2017 (free) provides a brief overview of the state of ecommerce in the world. This report includes ecommerce trends, facts and figures, and offers insights into the Global ecommerce market.

Topics and Scope

The report is split into 7 main chapters

  • Global Perspective
  • Key facts and figures
  • Ecommerce environment
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia Pacific

Did you know?

  • 22 Countries analysed
  • Total e-commerce growth rate is 66.4%
  • Global B2C e-commerce turnover is $1.84 trillion
  • Asia Pacific has the highest share (50%)
  • China has the largest e-commerce market turnover $681 billion
  • Australia has the largest e-commerce turnover growth rate
  • Worldwide Internet Penetration is 66.4%, which is a growth of 2.56% (4% yearly)
  • 61% of global consumers believe that online shopping saves money
  • 26% of the global population decides where to purchase based solely on price
  • Bank cards are the most popular paying method
  • Asia Pacific has the most online transactions per person 38X
  • The average e-shopper spends $1,425 per person yearly
  • Europe has the highest region e-GDP 4.94%
  • Followed by Asia Pacific e-GDP 4.87%
  • The UK has the highest share of e-shoppers 98%
  • UK has the highest country e-GDP 7.9%, then 2) China (5.8%) and 3) France (3.95%)
  • Indonesia e-GDP is 29%, in which the e-shopper population grows the fastest

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De drie grote beveiligingslekken bij Webwinkels

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Privacy en veiligheid zijn veelbesproken onderwerpen in de media. Grote diensten worden gehackt en gegevens van klanten worden misbruikt. Hoe staan Nederlandse webwinkels ervoor? De grootste lekken en beveiligingsproblemen worden tijdens deze lezing uitgelicht, maar ook juist hoe simpel en goedkoop het is om er iets tegen te doen

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