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Basics of Ecommerce - Conversion Optimization

Basics of Ecommerce - Conversion Optimization

Title Basics of Ecommerce - Conversion Optimization
Target group Students, Beginners
Topics User Experience, ECommerce Basics, Testing & Optimization
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Public summary

Goal of this course lesson is to help students understand what conversion is and how funnel analysis can help improve the conversion. Other concepts explained are conversion killers and merchandising (up & cross selling).

The lesson is divided into 4 parts:

  • Definitions of conversion, conversion optimization, funnel (analysis) are explained with examples (20 minutes).

Class exercise: Analyze a retail, travel or financial website and determine how conversion can be improved (50 minutes).

  • The different types of conversion killers are discussed (20 minutes).
  • Analytics tools are introduced and the class has a first glance at Google analytics (20 minutes).
  • Finally the concept of merchandising in introduced with additional ways (product display, pricing, promotions) to sell more with the same traffic are introduced.


  • Content
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engines
  • Search Engine Optimization
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  • What is conversion?
  • What is a sales funnel
  • What is conversion optimization
  • Tips & tricks to improve conversion
  • How to increase order value
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Internetcloud à getting relevant traffic/visitors(paid/non-paid) à provide a solutionà get value à


What is “conversion”? The definition in handbook defines conversion as, “The point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action.” In other words, conversion is simply getting someone to respond to your call-to-action. It does not have to be a purchase.

Which conversion goals exist apart from making a purchase?

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With every step (click) you lose a few of your visitors.

Lead Generation Number of Leads Collected / Total Traffic to Site x 100 = Conversion Rate

Sales Number of Sales / Number of Visitors x 100 = Conversion Rate

Newsletter Subscribers Number of Subscribers/ Number of Visitors x 100 = Conversion Rate

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Your website conversion rate is the number of visitors that come to your site that actually buy something. It's the process of converting a visitor into a buyer. In order to calculate your conversion rate you will need to implement website tracking, so that it collect the data that you will need.

Here's How: Determine whether you will need to calculate for lead conversion or product sales. Gather data from your website analytics program.

Follow the following formulas to determine your website conversion. The formula you select will depend on whether you are measuring conversion on leads or sales collected via your website.

Let’s do a conversion improvement:

  • Select a transaction website (retail, travel, insurance)
  • Define 3 ways to improve the conversion of the website (to not actually buy something unless you yourself want to pay for it).
  • Make an educated guess:
    • What would the conversion improvement cost?
    • What would the improvement in the conversion ratio be (%)
    • What would be the return on investment?
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Find 5 internal obstacles in website of that reduce conversion.

Holidaytrip booking test:

  • 2 Adults
  • 1 child 2 years old

1 child 17 years old 13 days stay Separate rooms Destination

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How can you make a consumer trust your website?

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  • Security certificate
  • Reviews, Testimonials, Ratings
    • By consumers
    • By authorities/press/VIPs
  • Trust certificates
  • Phone number/contact details
  • Well known brand
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How can companies best handle negative reviews?

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What do the texts actually mean?


Pop-up changes focus of the customer

  • Build the relationship with regular follow-up (email& offline)
  • Be more than a webshop. Be a community and/or trusted advisor.
  • Optimize (or create) your refer-a-friend program
  • Cross-sell on your thank-you page and using email
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Video: introduction of google analytics. In order to calculate your conversion rate you will need to implement website tracking, so that it collect the data that you will need. Recommended Analytics Tools Google Analytics – The best free web analytics tool out there.. KISSmetrics – A new approach to web analytics that “tracks people, not pageviews”.


where do you start?” There are seemingly countless ways to improve your website, but as always, limited time and resources. When done right, the website optimization process can be relatively painless, and bring about significant gains in conversion rates and revenue.

Focus your efforts on the right problems It may seem obvious which pages on your website need the most attention and TLC (e.g. homepage, pricing), but in some cases it’s not. Without taking a look in analytics, you might be overlooking a page on your site that is confusing visitors or leaking traffic. In the screen below, I’m using the Google Analytics Top Content report and sorting by % Exit. I’ve used filters to exclude pages with low pageviews, as well as a feature called “Weighted Sort”, which gives me a clean, prioritized list of pages to attack.


It may sound obvious, but why not ask your customers and prospects for feedback? While they may not be able to provide the level of specificity that an expert might offer, they have a pulse on your company and your industry. If you approach customers in the right way, they can often help you identify areas of your website that need improvement or clarification.

  • ClickTale: Records visitor tracks, offers heatmaps, form and funnel analysis.
  • GazeHawk: Eye tracking, heatmaps, video and personalized recommendations.
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Watching real users navigate your website is always an eye-opening experience, and something you no longer have an excuse not to do. Steve Krug’s “10 cents a day” method (download the PDF) is dirt cheap user testing for companies and entrepreneurs on a strict budget (like $0.50 a week). Or, if you prefer not to leave the comfort of your home or cubicle, you can try out a remote testing service which will do the legwork for you.

  • First impression counts
  • Improves understand the products
  • Reduces returns
  • Increases sharing on social media
  • Grows revenues
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Which price promotions do you know?

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  • Competition
  • Demand & supply
    • Low demand, lower price
    • Inventory value deteriorates (e.g. flights)
  • Location: High income neighborhood
  • Click behavior: Visited the product page 6 times
  • Customer profile: Gender, age
  • Technology: Android/IOS users, Chrome/MS Explorer
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