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Digital Marketing - Display Advertising

Digital Marketing - Display Advertising

Title Digital Marketing - Display Advertising
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Topics Display Advertising
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This presentation explains what display advertising is, its history, market, technology (ad servers) benefits and disadvantages and how display advertising is developing. Trends which are disucssed amongst others are real time bidding, real time targetting/personalization and programmatic buying. The presentation also zooms in on how the industry handles the its biggest problem: ad blockers.



This is the overall framework of the Digital Marketing couse. We will start with explaining the elements of an online marketing plan. Than we will zoom in on the different marketing aspects based on the customer journey. We start with those online media most suitable to reach consumers and slowly move down the funnel. In the end we discuss customer loyalty which has as goal to re-start the entire process from the beginning.

  • What is display advertising?
  • What benefits does display advertising have?
  • What are the disadvantages of display advertising?
  • What are the trends in display advertising?
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  • Advertising on digital channels
    • web, mobile, app, games
  • Ads can be:
    • Text
    • (Animated) images
    • Video
    • Games
    • Audio
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  • Search your favorite site
  • Find one good advertisement, why is it good?
  • Find one bad advertisement, why is it bad?
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While online display advertising is much older that search engine advertising, for years SEA was a larger market than display advertising (usually about 50% of the total online media market). However, thanks to video advertising, display advertising is back.


For years, PC advertising ruled as it allowed for more and bigger ads. However, due to the growth of mobile Internet, mobile advertising is expected to be much larger in 2019 than it is now, easily surpassing desktop advertising.


To allow multiple advertisers to advertise on multiple websites, the ad server was introduced. The add servers hosts banners of multiple advertisers and displaying them on multiple websites. Ad servers however do more than only hosting of display ads. The also measure how often banners are shown, clicked upon and often also to what conversion they lead.

video: (1:57 min)

extended video incl Real Time Bidding explained: (5:27 min)

  • Reach: communicating a brand or marketing message.
  • Action: letting the customer do something (for example, click on the add to go to an online shop or landing page)
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  • Well suited for branding
  • Direct action
  • Improved measurement
  • Real time adaptable
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Measurability is both a benefit as well as a curse. With the low click-through ratios (CTRs) of banners, only looking at the direct impact of banners (brochures downloaded, products bought) in most cases results in a negative ROI. The branding value is however not directly and difficult to determine.

  • Bigger, richer formats and more functional ads
  • The rise of ad blockers
  • Increasing relevancy
  • Retargetting
  • Real-time buying & programmatic advertising
  • Display advertising in the physical world
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  • Bigger display
  • Video display adds
  • Full fledge applications
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More data is collected:

  • Demographic data
  • Behavioral data
  • Geographic data
  • Day & Time

Better targeting tools.

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  • Select a favorite product
  • Create a display advertising campaign
    • Determine your marketing goal
    • Design different banner formats
    • Design corresponding content
    • Design a landingspage
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