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Digital Marketing - Email Marketing

Digital Marketing - Email Marketing

Title Digital Marketing - Email Marketing
Target group Students, Beginners
Topics Email Marketing
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  • What is email marketing?
  • Advantages and challenges
  • Forms of email marketing
  • Optimizing Email Marketing
  • Setting up Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Trends
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Email marketing is the use of electronic mail for marketing purposes.

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Typically, email marketing is taken to mean "permission-based email marketing" where customers and potential customers give a business permission to send them emails with promotional content. It is different from "cold emailing", where email is legally sent unsolicited to potential customers, and "spam" where unsolicited email is illegally sent. Spam is a perceived unwanted email.


Every day, over 294,000,000,000 emails are sent. 294 billion! This means that the average person receives around 72 emails per day. [1] This is exactly why email can also be a challenging medium. According to Radicati in their Email Statistics Report 2015-2019, the average business person even sends and receives 122 emails per day. Getting the attention of potential clients and customers in their increasingly crowded inbox is becoming quite difficult.

  • What are your favorite commercial emails?
  • Why do you like them?
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  • (Very) low cost.
  • Frequently used (2,5 hours a day)
  • Interactive & engaging
  • Trackable & measurable
  • Segmentable / personal
  • Can be forwarded/shared (viral)
  • Controlable by user (opt-out)
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  • Persuading users to sign up
  • Ensuring that emails get through
  • Writing compelling emails
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Strengths of Email marketing:

  • Maintaining a relationship
  • Pushing for repurchases
  • One to one communication

Strengths of most other online media:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Brand building
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Email marketing unfortunately has a bad image due to spam and phishing emails.

How can your school/university:

  • Increase its number of email subscribers?
  • Reduce the email list shrink?
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  • Newsletter
  • Dedicated email
  • Sponsored email
  • Transactional mails
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  • Subject / title
    • Who sends me this email?
    • What is it about?
    • What is expected from me?
  • Clear layout
  • Relevancy!!!
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Top shop tries to increase conversion by emailing the left basket


Some people use email for dubious reasons...


Marketers all agreed for a long time that the best time to send an email is Tuesday through Thursday, between 8 and 10 PM. However, other data implies that Fridays are also popular for sending emails. According to Yesware (2016), which studied 500,000 emails, it does not matter what day you choose. They recommend to send your email early in the morning, late in the evening or on weekends.

  • A marketing strategy (what are your goals)
  • A list of people to send the emails to:
    • Build
    • or Buy
  • A system to send the emails with:
    • Outlook, Gmail
    • Externally hosted (SAAS) Email Marketing System
    • Self-hosted Email Marketing System (EMS)
  • Content to send.
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Getting people to your subscribe page:

  • Promotion: pop-up on home page, subscribe field in footer, on Facebook
  • At each touch point: shopping cart, in store, at delivery, at the phone

Turning visitors into subscribers:

  • The inherent attractiveness (value of information)
  • Incentives given (free research, gift, ...)
  • Easy of subscription
  • Perceived risk of subscribing (fear of spam)
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Invalid email addresses:

  • Users make spelling mistakes
  • Users use fake email addresses


  • Offer the incentive only by email
  • Aks for a double opt-in
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On average with 22,5%:

  • Users unsubscribe
  • Emails bounce

Email marketeers have to:

  • Reduce the shrink rate
  • Increase the subscription rate
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  • High level selection criteria:
    • Importance of email marketing (level of complexity/investment)
    • Done (mainly) in-house or out-sourced
    • Partner to be business or technology focussed?
  • Additional selection criteria:
    • Expertise: is industry knowledge and local support available?
    • Speed: can the EMS handle the volume and speed requirements?
    • Bounce management: can the EMS resend bounced messages?
    • Design: both creation and flexibity of the system to handle multiple designs?
    • Subscriber management: to what extend has the system CRM functionality?
    • Third party integrations: are integrations with other sytems (web, CRM) possible?
    • Reporting: which reports are available, can custom reports be created?
    • Costs: what does it cost to buy/license the system, integrate it and get people trained?
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  • Not having permission
  • Not testing emails
  • Not segmenting emails
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Create an email marketing plan

  • Select a company of your choice
  • How would you build a list?
  • Which content would you send? Why?
  • Design/wireframe your email template
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  • Relevance rules
  • Bettter technology:
    • Easier tools
    • Richer emails
  • Real time personalization
  • Marketing automation
  • Use of third party data
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  • Select a customer journey:
    • Buying a holiday trip, car, house
    • Having a pregnancy, selecting a study
  • Map the customer journey (the steps of the user).
  • Design a marketing automation campaign supporting the user in every step for a company.
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  • Basics: email marketing, black list, opt-in, email marketing system (EMS).
  • Advantages: low cost, frequently used, interactive, personal, measurable, opt-out, excellent for relation building, less for acquisition.
  • Challenges: persuading subscribers, getting through, being read.
  • Forms of email: newsletter, dedicated, sponsored, transactional.
  • Set-up process: goal setting, EMS selection, template creation, list building, content creation.
  • Key trends: relevancy, personalization, marketing automation, use of 3rd party data.
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