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Digital Marketing - Viral Marketing

Digital Marketing - Viral Marketing

Title Digital Marketing - Viral Marketing
Target group student, Students, Beginners
Topics Viral Marketing
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This is the overall framework of the Digital Marketing couse. We will start with explaining the elements of an online marketing plan. Than we will zoom in on the different marketing aspects based on the customer journey. We start with those online media most suitable to reach consumers and slowly move down the funnel. In the end we discuss customer loyalty which has as goal to re-start the entire process from the beginning.

  • What is viral marketing?
  • What are the different kinds of viral marketing (best practices included)?
  • What are the benefits of viral marketing?
  • What are the disadvantages of viral marketing?
  • How to make a viral marketing campaign?
  • How about viral marketing and the law?
  • How to make a viral marketing campaign successful?
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Viral marketing refers to marketing techniques that try to achieve a marketing objective through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of human/computer viruses.


Viral marketing campaigns have a reproduction ratio. Good viral campaigns have a ratio higher than 1, meaning that the person receiving the message forwards it to more than 1 person (> 1). A viral campaign with a reproduction ratio of < 1 slowly dies out. For example, at the start of a viral the reproduction ratio may be 2. This means that the reach grows from 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 (in total, 31 reached). Let’s say that after 16 the reproduction ratio becomes smaller than 1, for example 0.5. As a result, the viral dies out (16 – 8 – 4 – 2 – 1). However, still 31 people were reached.

  • Emotional virals (funny, surpricing)
  • The message is valuable/important
  • The viral is a product/service
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  • Cheap
  • Fast
  • High impact
  • Reach young people
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  • Tough to create
  • Not repetitive
  • Hard to measure
  • Uncontrollable
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  • Set the goals
  • Create the message
    • (remarkable) Content
    • Sharing mechanisms
    • Platform
  • Test the message
  • Seed the viral
  • Track the results
    • Direct (likes, registrations)
    • Indirect (brand awareness, sales growth)
  • Adapt and improve
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Be carefull with:

  • Negative virals (law suits)
  • The privacy of users
  • Rewarding users for forwarding
  • Getting opt-ins for further contact
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  • Be realistic
  • Create engagement
  • Use social influencers
  • Be ready to scale up:
    • PR handling questions from the global press
    • IT adding more server capacity
    • Sales handling more transactions/ visitors
    • Customer care answering questions
    • Logistics being able to ship it all
    • Be prepared for negative replies
  • Test everything: content & IT
  • Do not push
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  • Create a viral marketing campaign for your school/university?
  • Marketing goal: attract more new students
  • Budget: (very) limited
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  • Kinds of viral marketing: emotional, valuable, product/service.
  • Advantages: cheap?, fast, high impact, reach young people.
  • Disadvantages: tough to make, not repetitive, measurability, uncontrolable.
  • Process: set goals, create, test, track, improve.
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