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Reports 2017C Light Spain Ecommerce Country Report 2017 v170801-2

Spain B2C E-commerce Full Country Report 2017

Analist Report

This report provides a brief overview of the state of ecommerce in Spain. This report includes ecommerce trends, facts and figures, and offers insights into the Spanish ecommerce market.

Authors: Sara Lone
Topics: Cross-border Ecommerce, Customer Service, Delivery and Service, Display Advertising, Online Payments, Marketplaces, Ecommerce Basics, Ecommerce Strategy, Email Marketing, Online Taxes and VAT, Online Research, Ecommerce Platforms
Industry: Business Partner (Service provider to Retail/Brand), Consumer Services, Education (Universities, Students), Other, Production & Wholesale, Stakeholders (government, associations), Retail/Brand - Other
Publication date: 10 July 2017
Language: English
Price: FREE

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