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Research studies 2016France B2C Ecommerce Country Report 2016

France B2C Ecommerce Country Report 2016

Research Study

The French B2C ecommerce growth rate increased last year

The French B2C ecommerce experienced noticeable growth last year. The growth rate was declining over the last few years, from 19.4% in 2012 to 11.2% in 2014. However, in 2015, B2C ecommerce grew by 14.3%. This growth rate resulted in a B2C ecommerce turnover of €64.9bn in France last year. For 2016, the growth is expected to decline again, as a growth rate of 10.0% is forecasted.

This "France B2C Ecommerce Report 2016" provides a clear overview of the state of ecommerce in France. The free light version includes facts and figures on interesting topics, such as B2C ecommerce turnover, the number of online shoppers and cross-border and mobile ecommerce. In addition, this version contains expert interviews and tips and tricks for online merchants. As a result, this reports forms a very useful tool for companies that want to expand their online business to France as well as for people who want to set up an online shop there.

Full version

The full version, which can be ordered for € 95 through the button below, also contains a clear overview of the most popular product and service groups in terms of online sales.

Authors: Roald Willemsen, Richard van Welie
Topics: Cross-border Ecommerce
Industry: Retail/Brand - Other
Publication date: 19 May 2016
Language: English
Price light version: FREE
Price full version: € 95

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