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Switzerland: 2018 Ecommerce Report (free)

Analist Report

Switzerland: 2018 Ecommerce Report (free) provides a brief overview of the state of ecommerce in Switzerland. This report has been published by the Ecommerce Foundation with hand-selected data that will help both domestic and international retailers evaluate their potential for success in the Swiss ecommerce market.

Topics and Scope

The report is split into 6 main chapters:

  • Introduction: Switzerland
  • Infrastructure and Logistics
  • E-commerce Landscape
  • Swiss Consumers
  • Case Study: Watch Industry
  • About the Report

Did you know?

  • The Swiss population is very active online
  • Internet access has increased across all regions since 2014
  • Internet penetration over 75% among all spoken languages
  • 2018 B2C turnover growth rate is forecasted to be ≈ 10%
  • Distance heavily impacts Swiss cross-border shopping
  • 64% say e-commerce will significantly increase industry
  • Internet use increased across all demographics in 2017
  • Almost 1⁄4 of online shoppers spend 5+ hours online
  • 74% of ages 25-34 bought travel accommodations online
  • Online shopping via PC is by far the most popular
  • eBanking is most prevalent amongst 25-34 year olds
  • Food & beverages represent a challenge for C&C adoption
  • Almost 3⁄4 of Swiss consumers value privacy with businesses
  • 60% find comparing products & prices important
  • Consumer purchasing is influenced most by Facebook
  • Over 3⁄4 of Swiss consumers have a Facebook account
  • Luxury watches are the drivers of growth in watch exports
  • German consumers are most likely to buy watches online

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Authors: Sara Lone, Adlen Khelladi, Shaun Packiarajah
Topics: Global Ecommerce Figures
Industry: Retail/Brand - Other
Publication date: 12 April 2018
Language: English
Price light version: FREE
Price full version: € 235.95

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Editor review

Maximiliaan Koene
Marketing and Sales, Ecommerce Foundation
Nice to see that 77% of online consumers research online before making a purchase!

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Maximiliaan Koene
Marketing and Sales, Ecommerce Foundation

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