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Testing and Optimization

1. Testing and Optimization Basic

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2. Testing and Optimization Advanced

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1. How to identify test cases using the LIFT model?
2. How should you write hypothesis for your tests?
3. What should you take into account when creating a test design?
4. How to prioritize test cases?
5. How to create a test roadmap?
6. How to select the right testing method?
7. How to select the right testing tools?
8. How can you analyze your test results using data?
9. How to set-up a continuous testing & optimization process?
10. What are the key roles in a testing & optimization team?
11. Which competencies does your organization require?
12. How to grow your conversion optimization team (a maturity model)?
13. What are the most common areas to optimize?
14. How can you optimize your landing pages?
15. How can you optimize entire funnels?
16. How should you set performance targets (KPI's)?
17. How to decide to in-or-out source testing and optimization?

3. Testing and Optimization Expert

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Jurjen Jongejan
sr. Conversie-optimalisatie consultant
ISM eCompany

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