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Kanaru Fukushima

Kanaru Fukushima
Organization: FitForCommerce
Company size:
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Job title: Director of Marketing
Country: United States


"Trusted advisor for everything ecommerce, digital and omnichannel"

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Kanaru Fukushima is chairman of the expert group  Ecommerce Strategy

My fields of expertise are

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Uploaded reports

Title Downloads Editors rating Readers rating
FitForCommerce Annual Report 2017: From Idea to Doorstep 29
WP26 Are You Ready to Go Global? 11
FitForCommerce Annual Report 2015: Let's Get Personal 8
FitForCommerce Annual Report 2016: Let's Get Growing 38
WP15 PIM for Retailers 31
WP16 Brand Manufacturers Going and Growing Online 9
WP17 Differentiating and Driving Sales with Content in Commerce 3
WP30 The Content Value Chain: From Onboarding to Publication 3
FitForCommerce Whitepaper: The New Power Duo: Content + Commerce WP36 36
WP28 5 Roadblocks to Avoid on the Journey to Omnichannel Retail Success 14
WP25 B2B Ecommerce 50
WP23 B2B Commerce Effectiveness 41
WP9 Brains Behind Omnichannel Retailing 5
WP29 Cost Plus Value 6
WP6 Cross-Channel Retail and eCommerce Success 6
WP24 5 Keys to the Digital Experience Equation 5
WP20 Ecommerce Platform Jungle 13
WP12 Fast-Growing Midmarket Retailers 4
WP27 The Far East is Closer than You Think 6
WP7 Customizing and Humanizing Hosting 2
WP3 Staying Ahead of the Curve 6
WP10 The Next Frontier of B2B Ecommerce 4
WP13 Next Gen Information and Data Management for Commerce Relevancy 1
WP18 Surviving Omnichannel Order Complexities 1
WP19 PIM for Brand Manufacturers 5
WP5 Getting to the Second Sale and Beyond 2
WP11 From PO to Publishing 1
WP4 PIM Considerations for Ecommerce Re-Platforming 29
WP31 Unlocking the Value of Your Customer Data 10
WP21 Mobile Now. Before Web. Seriously. 6
WP32 Content + Commerce in Today's Omnichannel World 94
WP33 Going for Growth: How Midmarket Retailers can Scale their Ecommerce Business 13
WP34- Leveraging Customer-Generated Content In Today's Omnichannel World 16
FitForCommerce WP35 - Setting up your team for digital commerce succes 89
WP24 5 Keys to the Digital Experience Equation 2
WP22 Responsive Design for Commerce 3
WP8 Site Search Vs. Re-platforming 1
WP2 Ecommerce Operations 7
Commerce Disrupted: The New Retail Reality 22
OMNICHANNEL RETAIL INDEX 2016: Benchmark of 120 US retailers 19
OMNICHANNEL RETAIL INDEX 2015: Benchmark of 120 US retailers 8