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Writing on Wiki

Writing on EcommerceWiki

Thank you for joining the EcommerceWiki community! We are happy that you want to share your knowledge and findings with other experts. Below you find some guidelines to create one uniformly written handbook for everybody to improve on ecommerce. When adding an article

One of our editors can add a new question to the topic for you. Be aware to choose the best corresponding category:

  • Basic: for students and beginners
  • Advanced: for managers and entrepreneurs
  • Expert: for experts and professionals

When writing articles

General Guidelines

  • Use American English
  • Keep texts short and concrete
  • Use headers and bullet points to keep the text readable
  • Use pictures and videos to frame your message
  • Describe internationally well-known best practices if possible. Otherwise give a short description about the company / best practice
  • Be attentive that the text is linguistically correct
  • Double check if the content answers the question

Visuals & Videos

  • Do not use stock material, it adds little to no value
  • When using a visual from a source, link to that source and refer in the caption
  • Use good quality video/images if available

Creating courses

Each presentation has several fixed elements. To create uniformity, please use the same visuals:

  • Always start with a shopping cart
  • A cover page: Stating the title of the presentation
  • Recap of last week: Summarizes the key topics of the previous presentation
  • Where are we?: Describes how the presentation fits in the overall course
  • Agenda for Today: Lists the topic discussed. The bullets should be the same as the section separators
  • Assignments: Describes the assignment. Do not describe how and where the assignment is done. This is up to the teacher
  • Section separator: a visual to separate different topics within the presentation
  • Wrap-up slide: what is really important
  • End slide: The final slide in the presentation

Scanning texts

  • Are the questions unique?
  • Are the questions answered?
  • Are the images and videos of good quality?