Ecommerce Facts & Figures of Luxembourg

Introduction to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy in Western Europe. It has a population of 0.6 million people and its capital is Luxembourg. The official language is Luxembourgish, French and German and widely spoken foreign language' is English. Luxembourg has a GDP of €56 billion, which represents a GDP per capita of €97,042 in 2017.


  • 0.6 million people
  • GDP of €56 billion
  • 6.3% unemployed
  • Inflation of 0.3%


Ecommerce in Luxembourg

In 2017, the Luxembourgish B2C ecommerce turnover grew by 15% to €0.8 billion. Luxembourg had an online population of 0.5 million people who were aged 15 and older. Of the total online population, 0.4 million bought something online in 2015. The average spending per eShopper was €1,636 in this year.


B2C Ecommerce Turnover €0.8 billion
B2C Ecommerce growth 15%
Online population 0.5 million
Number of eShoppers 0.4 million
VAT rate 17%


Tips for ecommerce in Luxembourg

Before trading in Luxembourg, we recommend visiting the Q&A Online Taxes and VAT in Luxembourg page.


The Luxembourgish Ecommerce Association,

The association has the mission to unite organisations that with the (main) goal to sell, in the Luxembourgish market, services or goods online.


Want to know more about the Luxembourgish Ecommerce market?

An analysis of the Ecommerce market in worldwide is available download. All information about the Luxembourgish Ecommerce market can be can be found in the following free reports:

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