Module: Data Feed Management

Agenda topic: Data Feed Management

  • What is a data feed?​
  • What is data feed management?​
  • When are data feeds used?​
  • What are shopping channels?​
  • Basic data feed mapping​
  • Transferring data feeds​


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Data feed is a mechanism for users to receive updated data from data sources. It is commonly used by real-time applications in point-to-point settings as well as on the World Wide Web. The latter is also called web feed

Data Feed Management is the ongoing process of optimizing data feeds for better results

A data feed may stream continuously or be delivered on demand. Data feeds make it possible to have new content or updates delivered to a computer or mobile device as soon as it is published.  The same technologies are also used to supply data to other software.

Facebook’s News Feed is a commonly-seen example of a data feed. News Feed pulls items from status updates, photos, videos, links, app activity and likes from people, Pages and groups the user follows. Items in the feed may be self-contained or summaries that include links to further information.

There are many other types of data feeds, including news, weather and sports updates, content publication feeds and Twitter timelines.

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Version | 10 - 08 - 2018

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