Module: The Customer Journey Explained

Definition Customer Journey:

A customer journey map is a visual representation of every experience your customers have with you. It helps to tell the story of a customer's experience with your brand from original engagement and into hopefully a long-term relationship.


Customer Journey purpose:

At first glance, a customer’s journey is pretty simple. You offer something, they buy it. But once you get into the detail, customer journeys are quite complex and come in many varieties. Your customers can come into contact with your business in a multitude of ways and from many different starting points, for example, marketing, referrals, search, social media, customer service enquiries and above-the-line campaigns.

No doubt you want to make every experience a customer has as good as it can possibly be. So to make sure no interaction slips through the cracks, you need to map out every touchpoint or experience along the customer journey.


How does the Customer Journey map halps you?

Customer journey mapping helps businesses step into their customer’s shoes and see their business from the customer's perspective. It helps businesses gain insights into common customer pain points, how they can improve the customer experience, and define what customers, and prospective customers, need in order to complete a purchase.

From a customer’s perspective, they want their experience with a brand to be connected and seamless. They expect companies to know and remember, across multiple touchpoints, who they are and what they’re looking for, so that the necessary information is available and without the necessity to repeat or clarify their needs. A map helps reveal issues with siloes in your business.


The benefits of a customer journey map include:

  • helping you see where customers interact with your business
  • focusing the business on particular customer needs at different stages in the buying funnel
  • identifying whether the customer journey is in a logical order
  • givings an outside perspective on your sales process
  • showing the gaps between the desired customer experience and the one actually received
  • highlighting development priorities
  • allowing you to concentrate efforts and expenditure on what matters most to maximise effectiveness


Getting the most from customer journey mapping

To make your map as useful as possible, you need to include every point where your customer comes into contact with your business, from packaging and manuals to TV ads and Facebook posts. 

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