Module: Onlification of Society

“Pure e-commerce will be reduced to a traditional business and replaced by the concept of New Retail — the integration of online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain.” — Jack Ma, Founder and Chairman Alibaba


Retail is facing a new economic paradigm is beginning to dawn: Onlife Retail, where online and offline become one. Onlife retail is based on four new and mutually reinforced developments, each with its own dynamic:

  • The Smart Economy
  • The Sharing Economy
  • The Circular Economy
  • and the Glocal Economy

It is the synergy of these different 'movements', that will cause huge social and economic changes. 


In this course you learn how retail is being turned upside down.

Modules in this course are:

ch1, outline the onlification of society

ch2 till 5 some light on the four new economies, opportunities and characteristics

next the new customer journey is discussed, in the final chapter the outline of the network society is discussed.


It's up to retailers and service providers to reinvent themselves, using new business models and organization structures.


This course is based on the reserach of Wijnand Jongen -The End of Online Shopping-


Topics in this module:

  • What is “onlife”?
  • Offline and online become one
    • Online generations
  • Onlification
    • Internet of Things
    • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Impact on society
    • Work-life balance
    • The new, industrial revolution
  • The end of online shopping
  • Online and offline become one
    • From online to offline
    • Bricks-and-clicks
    • Watch out — here comes Amazon!
    • Diversification
    • Channels flowing together
    • Value chain with new roles



Target group: Manager

Module level: Manager

Version | 12 - 08 - 2018

Part of course: Ecommerce Strategy (ECON2)

Topics in this module: Artificial Intelligence and Retail, Market Places, Online Marketing Plan, Personalization, The New Store, User Experience