Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference

How to prepare Europe for the future of ecommerce? Every year Ecommerce Europe hosts the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference in Barcelona, now part of Global ECommerce Summit. This is THE annual conference for businesses, European policy makers and other stakeholders eager to learn more about how the ecommerce sector can continue its double-digit growth rate. With around 350 visitors Ecommerce Europe provides a uniquely large discussion platform for fruitful dialogue on how to create a policy landscape suitable for the future of cross-border ecommerce. During the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference, businesses have the opportunity to have a direct say in the shaping of rules and regulations that will determine their success or failure in the future. Also, they can share best practices and innovative solutions with their peers and the wider industry. Policy makers on the other hand get concrete input from the daily practice of businesses and will be presented with a sense of where the sector is headed in the future.




Ecommerce Europe

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