E-commerce price 2018

'''Are you winning the E-commerce prize 2018?''' Maybe. Now you have the opportunity to compete and get your business in the pool of skilled e-commerce companies fighting for the 13 prizes. Whether you want to tip yourself and your business or someone you are so impressed that they should win one of the 13 prizes, you have the opportunity to submit a tip and set those you think should win. Simply write a brief explanation when setting. The nomination committee will then look at all proposals and assess which companies are included in the competition for the coveted prices. '''We look forward to Prisfest 2018''' This year's e-commerce prize will be a celebration of a party where we will celebrate the e-commerce industry together for the very big gold medal! There will be delicious three-course dinner, entertaining features, networking opportunities among the around 700 participants and of course the Danish e-commerce elite.



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