Zooming in on Ecommerce U.S.A.
'''Strategic Marketing and Cybersecurity - March 8''' In this webinar, Research Coordinator Sara Lone of the Ecommerce Foundation will zoom in on the facts and figures from the 2017 USA Ecommerce Report with two well-known experts in the fields of strategic marketing and cybersecurity. The webinar will highlight key topics that were covered in the report and will contain an in-depth discussion about the facts, logistics, and common practices that make the U.S. e-commerce market unique. ''' KEY TOPICS:''' • Best practices for e-commerce startups - how to not fail • Tips on how to get out of the [e-commerce] dumpster • How important is cybersecurity? • How to brand your webshop through strategic content marketing '''PRACTICAL INFOS:''' • Where: Behind your desk (anywhere, everywhere) • When: March, 8 -- 14:00 CET • Duration: 45 minutes • Language: English Be sure to read the report in advance and come prepared with your questions!




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