2018 Sichuan goods New Year's Eve

According to the Sichuan Provincial Government's "Notice on Carrying out the Launching Ceremony of 2018 Chuanhuo Spring Festival New Year's Day in Beijing," Sichuan Province plans to organize famous and new products to be held in Beijing from January to December 2018, and will be held in Beijing in the commercial complex, large-scale wholesale market and Supermarkets and other distribution channels to carry out joint activities such as joint ventures to enrich the capital festival market and promote "Sichuan made" products and services to Beijing. Among them, to be held on January 5 morning 10: 00-12: 00, held in Beijing Jinyuan new Lufthansa mall patio floor, "2018 Sichuan Spring Festival New Year's Eve Beijing event launching ceremony and Sichuan specialty goods trade show in Beijing." Organized around 100 famous brand new commodity enterprises in Sichuan to carry out on-site sales promotion, production and marketing docking roadshows and other activities. By then, the leaders of Sichuan Province will attend.


Beijing Jinyuan new Lufthansa mall patio

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