Christmas Trading Logistics Review

'''Overview''' Peak is once again behind us and the best indicator of a successful period from a logistics perspective is that people aren’t talking about logistics when reviewing peak. Whether it all passes off smoothly overall in 2017 or not, there are always areas where things could have been improved or done differently. Join IMRG at our Christmas Trading Logistics Review Data Breakfast to get the first opportunity to hear our latest thinking about what happened over Christmas, speak with your peers and debate the trends that emerged this year – as well as enjoying a delicious spread of food. [[File:Imrg-data-breakfast-trad-rev-logist-img1-500x333-jpg.jpg|framed|center]] At this event, IMRG will present on our latest data, in addition to pulling together data and insight from multiple sources from within the membership to provide an in-depth view of developments over this critical time. '''Who Should Attend?''' '''Who is this event for?''' Registration for this event is free for IMRG retail members – space is limited to 15 attendees. We may also invite one or two solution provider members who have specific knowledge and insight in this area. For more information, contact Paul Evans



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