Ecommerce Foundation Research: Key Topics for 2019 and Beyond
n 2018, global B2C e-commerce sales topped $2 trillion. In Europe, it grew 13% from 2017 to hit €612 billion last year. What’s causing these record-breaking numbers and how can your business best take advantage? To find out, sign up for this exclusive webinar! Sara Lone and Jorij Abraham from the Ecommerce Foundation will join Mark De Bruijn of SAP Customer Experience to detail the global and regional e-commerce trends that dominated 2018. They’ll also explore real-world examples of how intelligent enterprises are driving more sales and placing customers at the centre of the shopping experience.



Language: English

Expertise: B2B Ecommerce, Ecommerce IT Development, Ecommerce Platforms

Industries: Advertising & Market Research, B2B Retail Services (software, translation...)

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