Exchange Summit Americas
Invoicing, one of the most fundamental processes of business that drives the economy forward, is transforming rapidly these days. Across the world governments as well as enterprises are under enormous pressure to reduce costs for the billions of invoices they send and receive every year, while at the same time, increase financial visibility and efficiency. The Exchange Summit Americas brings together the E-Invoicing community to discuss the most pressing issues. Key Topics of the Exchange Summit Americas 2016 • Global Market Trends: E-Invoicing 2020 - Evolution, Opportunities and what's next • P2P Automation: Best Practices in Automation, Collaboration & Process Improvement • E-Invoicing as the Catalyst for Supply Chain Finance Efficiency • Supplier Onboarding: Identify and Overcome Major Roadblocks • Robotic Process Automation: What’s next - Implication for Finance • 4th Generation Trade Finance: How Open Standards Create Transparency and Reduce Risks • Invoicing and the Next Steps towards the Real Time Economy: XBRL and Data Extraction to Automate Administrative Processes • Dynamic Discounting: Unlock your Cash Potential • E-Invoicing Compliance: What are the Current Law Enforcements, Audit Options and Legal Mandates in LATAM Senders and Receivers of Invoices Will Learn How To • Move the E-Invoicing Focus from Cost Saving to Customer Service Excellence • Process E-Invoices in a Legally and Tax Compliant Way • Increase Automation Rates in the Reception and Processing of Invoices • Explore the latest Fintech Solutions and Strategies




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