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21-09-2017 - is the biggest online retailer in the Netherlands is the biggest online retailer in the Netherlands. Again. The ecommerce company, owned by Ahold, ranked first in the annual Twinkle100, a list of the biggest ecommerce companies in the Netherlands. Coolblue and Wehkamp ranked second and third. Continue reading

20-09-2017 - Online supermarket myEnso lets customers decide

MyEnso is a new online marketplace for food in Germany and wants to do things totally different than established parties. The most important part of the company’s vision is the customer focus. With myEnso, only the consumer decides on innovation, product listing or service offerings. Continue reading

19-09-2017 - German startup Paylobby compares payment providers

Paylobby, a young startup founded in Munich last year, offers an online comparison portal of payment service providers and consultations. With this tool, it wants to help ecommerce businesses optimize their payment systems for their customers’ needs, while reducing their online payment costs. Continue reading

18-09-2017 - ‘Amazon wants to acquire Shop-Apotheke’

Amazon wants to enter the pharmacy market in Germany. According to trade publication Aphoteke Adhoc, Amazon wants to take over market leader Shop-Apotheke. But this online retailer has clarified that currently there are not talks or negotiations with Amazon. Continue reading

15-09-2017 - ‘Global ecommerce firms to be liable for Turkey tax’

The Turkish government wants to make global ecommerce companies liable for taxes on goods that are sold directly to Turkish customers. The government has proposed a draw law for this, the Turkish Minister of Finance said today. Continue reading

13-09-2017 - CloserStill Media acquires eCommerce Expo

The eCommerce Expo, held on 27 and 28 September in London, has a new owner. Today, CloserStill Media, Justin Opie and Graeme Howe have announced that they are acquiring eCommerce Expo from UBM. Howe and Opie are the former owners of IMP Events, from where they launched eCommerce Expo in Continue reading Continue reading

12-09-2017 - Ecommerce in Russia to be worth 16 billion euros in 2017

Ecommerce in Russia was worth 498 billion rubles, or 7.2 billion euros, in the first half of this year. This is an increase of 22 percent year-on-year. The Russian online retail industry is expected to be worth 15.99 billion euros at the end of this year. Continue reading

12-09-2017 - Amazon, Otto and Zalando dominate ecommerce in Germany

Amazon, Otto and Zalando dominate the online retail industry of Germany. Together, these three companies account for about 44 percent of total sales from the top 100 ecommerce players in Germany. Continue reading

11-09-2017 - ‘Ecommerce in Portugal: €4.73 billion in 2017’

Ecommerce in Portugal is estimated to increase by  over 12 percent this year, so total online sales of goods and services in the Southern European country could be worth 4.73 billion euros at the end of this year. That’s a nice growth compared to the 10.52 percent increase of last Continue reading Continue reading

11-09-2017 - Europe wants to tax internet giants based on revenues

France, Germany, Italy and Spain want digital giants like Amazon and Google to be taxed on total revenue generated in EU countries rather than profits. The initiative was launched by the French finance minister and is set to be presented to all 28 EU finance ministers this Friday. Continue reading