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16-02-2018 - XPO Logistics expands its last-mile service to Europe

XPO Logistics, a major logistics company from the US, has expanded its last mile logistics service of heavy goods to Europe. The last mile delivery service from XPO Logistics will be available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and France. Continue reading

16-02-2018 - Mobile accounts for 64% of Swedish ecommerce traffic

The mobile phone and the tablet account for two thirds of all ecommerce visits in Sweden. Already in 2015, the share of ecommerce visits that took place on a mobile device, i.e. a mobile phone or tablet, was up over 50 percent. And during the last two years, the same Continue reading Continue reading

15-02-2018 - Ecommerce websites in Ireland see revenue grow 45%

Ecommerce websites in Ireland welcomed a third consecutive year of revenue growth in 2017. Last year, the total online revenue of these companies increased by 45 percent year-on-year. Increased employment, improved broadband and browsing experiences have led to this growth. Continue reading

14-02-2018 - Top 3 of payment methods per European country

PayPal and VISA dominate the European ecommerce industry. In almost every country in Europe, one of these two is the most popular payment method for online shopping. Only in the Netherlands, the most popular payment method isn’t PayPal or VISA. Let’s have a look at the top 3 per country. Continue reading

12-02-2018 - 53% Italians shopped online in the past month

Consumers in Italy are more and more interested in shopping online. A recent study shows that two out of three Italians have visited an online store in January, while over half of Italians (53 percent) have purchased a product or service online during this period. Continue reading

09-02-2018 - DIY marketplace ManoMano sees revenue increase by 180%

ManaMano, a European online marketplace specialized in DIY & gardening, closed last year with a global turnover of 250 million euros, which is an increase of 180 percent compared to 2016, when the French company generated a turnover of 90 million euros. Its UK turnover doubled year-over-year. Continue reading

09-02-2018 - Amazon Business launches in France

Amazon has launched its business marketplace Amazon Business in France. The B2B ecommerce website is now available on three Amazon marketplaces in Europe. Amazon UK and Amazon Germany already gave business customers the opportunity to buy business supplies through Amazon Business. Continue reading

08-02-2018 - No pure play e-retailers in Austria’s retail top 10

The top 10 of biggest retail companies in Austria consists solely of companies that also sell products through physical stores. The first pure play e-retailer in Austria’s retail top 100 is Amazon, which ranks eleventh. Continue reading

06-02-2018 - ‘Ecommerce in France will be worth €100 billion in 2019’

Ecommerce in France could top the 100 billion mark next year, according to estimates from the national ecommerce association Fevad. For this year, it’s predicted that online retail sales in France will exceed 90 billion euros. Continue reading

06-02-2018 - Parliament puts end to geoblocking in Europe

Today, the European Parliament has approved rules that put an end to geoblocking on ecommerce websites in Europe. As a result, online shoppers in Europe will have wider cross-border access to products, hotel bookings, car rentals or concert tickets. Consumers may no longer be blocked or re-routed to a local Continue reading Continue reading