Cybermonday - annual online sales day in Russia

Cybermonday - annual online sales day in Russia

'''Cybermonday''' is famous annual online sales day, organized by The Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC), held throughout Russia and also in neighboring Belarus and Kazakhstan. Previous Cybermonday took place on 25th of January 2016, involved 152 companies, more than 500,000 visitors and sold goods on 9 billion rubles. Promo action lasts for 24h. Could be called like analogue of Black Friday, but for online-retail in Russia and CIS. For retailers conducting large-scale sales with Cymbermonday during this period will help to spur consumer demand, and for consumers is also economically advantageous to buy everything they need on sale. This is a non-profit event, which does not bring any profit to the organizers, all funds charged with participating are used to provide failover of the website, promotion and development of the event in general. For participation in Cybermonday (for retailers and Internet companies) please contact: ''Maria Timofeeva, Project Manager e-mail: Official website –''
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Authors: Liubov Smirnova

Document type: Case Study

Publication date: 04-05-2016


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