2015-2016 Sino-Russia's Cross-border Ecommerce Development Report

2015-2016 Sino-Russia's Cross-border Ecommerce Development Report

On June 20th 2015, the Chinese State Council launched the “Guidelines on Inducing Development in the Cross Border Ecommerce Industry” which clearly state that supporting the development of the Ecommerce is beneficial for “Internet + International Business” which can lead to quality imports and exports and induce the development of the Belt and Road. China and Russia has always been important trade partners. The recent decade was a time period in which continuous trade and growth has been seen for both sides. In the wake of the Belt and Road initiative, trade between China and Russia is projected to be around 200 billion USD by 2020. As an important Ecommerce market in Europe, Russian Ecommerce industry has been growing rapidly over the past years. With an upgrade in the strategic cooperation between China and Russia, a huge opportunity for growth has arrived. With the government’s support, Cross-border Ecommerce enterprises can develop in a safe and healthy environment, shaping the interactions of the Belt and Road, promoting the congregation of Cross-border Ecommerce enterprises, and assisting in the development of the Belt and Road. The “2015-2016 Sino-Russia Cross-border Ecommerce Development Report” written by the China Cross-border E-Commerce Application Alliance (CCEAA), Department of Commerce of Heilongjiang Province, and Beijing Easepay Ecommerce Co., Ltd. details the state of development in the Ecommerce industry between Russia and China, incorporating research of the core elements of the industry, analyzing the flow of development, and introducing the ideology behind TradeEase while finally giving examples of major cities and enterprises in the Cross-border Ecommerce industry for the reference of the reader. This report has been greatly sponsored and assisted by organizations like Russia Association of Internet-Trade Companies, Ecommerce Foundation, Russian National Association of Mail Order and Distance Selling Trade along with Shanghai Mid-ring Business Area. China Cross-Border Eommerce Application Alliance (CCEAA) is a collection of China Cloud Association, China Management Science and Engineering Academic Society, China Mobile Business Application Alliances, Cross-border E-commerce Research Center of China E-commerce Association and many other Ecommerce Industrial Parks and Ecommerce enterprises in China. Under the guidance of the E-commerce and Information Department of Ministry of Commerce of the P. R. China, CCEAA aims to bring more innovation to the cross-border Ecommerce industry, to aid traditional industries in transitioning to the new medium, and to increase the overall competitiveness of the cross-border electronic commerce industry. CCEAA has already started cooperating with the Ecommerce Europe, the Ecommerce Foundation, CBEC, AKIT, NORA, National Distance Selling Association and some other national Ecommerce associations to promote the unity and cooperation between Ecommerce businesses around the world. Prof. Dr. Tang Bingyong Chairman of China Cross-border E-Commerce Application Appliance 8th June, 2016
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Authors: Sun Yong

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Publication date: 20-07-2016


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