IRUK Merchandising Report 2017

IRUK Merchandising Report 2017

The UK Top500 Report provides a brief overview of the annual Dimension Report, since Merchandising is a subject that goes straight to the heart of retail. This report includes an in-depth analysis of retailers who are leading the industry. Additionally, how and when these retailers operate is discussed as well.

Topics and Scope

The report is split into 9 main chapters

  • Partners' Perspectives
  • Strategic overview
  • Analysing the numbers
  • The IRUK 500
  • Case studies and lead interview
  • 12 Approaches that work
  • Emerging practice
  • Ongoing research
  • Conclusion

Did you know?

  • Omnichannel retailers are presenting their products across channels more and more
  • Although mobile traffic levels are rising fast, actual conversion via mobile devices still lags behind
  • Retailers that excel in the Merchandising Dimension actively sell across channels
  • Retail merchandising is about maximising sales by promoting the right goods, at the right time and in the right place
  • Online, it’s increasingly about encouraging customer feedback, providing excellent product information and maximising social media – tactics that the leaders in this Dimension skilfully employ

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Authors: Ian Jindal

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