PPRO Ecommerce guide to the European Championship 2016

PPRO Ecommerce guide to the European Championship 2016

The European Championship provides a significant economic benefit to the EU, with fans purchasing merchandise, flights and hotels throughout the event. However, as payment professionals, this brings PPRO to question whether businesses and retailers as a whole are prepared to facilitate local preferred payment methods from the various participating countries. Within the report, PPRO takes a look at the effect of bank account penetration, as well as the distribution of alternative payment methods in comparison to credit cards in the various countries. As alternative payment methods are associated with innovative technologies, we also delve in and take a look at the prevalence of internet enabled devices within the various participating nations. They also have some football facts that may come in handy for any pub quizzes this summer, so test your ecommerce and football knowledge! The PPRO team wishes you and exciting, entertaining, thrilling and triumphant Championship!
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Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 29-05-2016

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