Sana B2B ecommerce monitor

Sana B2B ecommerce monitor

Ecommerce is booming. It is expected that buying online will double before the end of 2020, including both B2B and B2C purchases. However, Sana’s B2B ecommerce Monitor 2015 – an international research with over 500 decision makers in B2B ecommerce – learns that almost half of the B2B wholesalers and industrial companies still haven’t start selling online. Read about why so many companies have not started selling online yet and learn more about the reasons why you should consider to start with B2B ecommerce in 2016. Read all about it in the Sana B2B ecommerce Monitor 2015. Click [ here] to read more
Language: English
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Authors: Jeroen Kuppens

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Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 11-01-2016

Number of pages: 15


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