European Ecommerce Report 2018

European Ecommerce Report 2018

The European Ecommerce Report 2018 provides an extensive description of the state of ecommerce in Europe. This report has been created by Ecommerce Operations for Ecommerce Europe and EuroCommerce with hand-selected data that will help national and overseas retailers to evaluate the potential for success in Europe. 


Main Topics: 

  • Introduction to Europe
  • The rise of marketplaces
  • European Ecommerce Facts & Figures
  • Western Europe
  • Northern Europe
  • Central Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Southern Europe
  • About the Report

Did you know?

  • Europe's population continues to increase
  • 25-54 year old purchase most frequently online
  • Unemployment is decreasing due to the economic boom 
  • 24% of online shoppers decided to purchase cross-border in 2017 
  • Clothes & Sports and Travel are still most purchased online 

Optional: Get the extended report

The extended European Ecommerce Report 2018 (paid-version) is available on Ecommerce Foundation.

Authors: Sara Lone

Editors rating

Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 02-07-2018

Number of pages: 119


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