Case Study: Dynamic Pricing at The Place

Case Study: Dynamic Pricing at The Place

From an article by Tim Wood, Journal of Arts Marketing, Issue 7 (Arts Marketing Association, 2002, UK)


The Place is a centre for contemporary dance in the middle of London.

It’s a 300 seat space, with around 150 performances each year. The work is, in broad terms, new or innovative dance, ranging from wellestablished companies of international repute to an annual platform season of brand new companies. preprocess.

Introducing price differentials, making some tickets cheaper and some more expensive, was the obvious solution. We couldn’t, however, apply these differentials based on where you sit – for one thing our seats have always been unreserved, a tradition that both our audiences and our front-or-house staff were keen to preserve. preprocess

Target group: Starter
Language: English
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Authors: Docent Ecommerce

Document type: Topic Report

Publication date: 10-10-2002

Number of pages: 2

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