Top 8 eCommerce Marketplace Trends in 2018

Top 8 eCommerce Marketplace Trends in 2018

The exponential growth of online marketplaces over the past 8 years has been no short of an unpredicted phenomena. According to Juniper Research, the growth of the marketplace economy led by sharing economy companies is set to double between 2017 and 2022, growing from US$19billion to US$40billion. Beyond wellknown ecommerce marketplace brands like eBay, Amazon, Airbnb, Uber or Grubhub, we saw marketplace models disrupting just about every traditional industry.


The growth in online marketplace businesses does not seem to be slowing down, but business models are evolving. There is also an emergence of new businesses that have arisen around marketplace platforms to solve problems faced by marketplaces or their users. This booklet is not meant to be exhaustive but articulates some of the emerging key trends that we at Arcadier have observed in the marketplace economy. But one thing is certain: the growth of marketplaces is unstoppable.


Trend #1 – Marketplaces are going hyper-local & hyper-vertical

Trend #2 - Best of both worlds – Online & offline marketplace models

Trend #3 - Disruption of traditional middleman businesses

Trend #4 - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning will improve trust

Trend #5 - Marketplaces as a utility

Trend #6 - More business services around marketplaces will emerge

Trend #7 - New peer-to-peer marketplace models will disrupt “agency-based” marketplace models

Trend #8 - B2B marketplaces will dominate One to watch - The use of blockchain for marketplaces 


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Publication date: 07-06-2018

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