A little book about branding

A little book about branding by Vaeksthus Copenhagen

This is a very quick guide on how to build a brand.
We’ve collected what we believe are the most important branding perspectives for startups and a couple of our greatest tools – in a book you can put in your pocket and
share with your team.


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topics in this book:

  • What is a brand / branding?
  • Why branding? 
  • How to build a powerful brand?
  • The branding journey in four steps?
  • Brand identity (DNA)
    • How to create a brand identity?
    • Define who you are?
    • Define your product
    • Define your target group
    • Define your customer journey
  • Brand promise
    • How to interact in crowds / communities
  • Brand loyalty
    • Storytelling
    • Ambassadors
  • Brand dominance
    • going glocal preprocess
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Authors: Docent Ecommerce

Document type: eBooks

Publication date: 10-10-2017

Number of pages: 32

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