The Next Mobile Decade

The next mobile decade by Adobe

A report on the state of mobile maturity, ten years after the introduction of the iPhone.


Ten years ago, the iPhone came into our lives and our world was utterly transformed. Since then, mobile devices have changed the way we communicate, take photos, find our way, even find our soul mates. With the advent of new technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the next decade promises to be even more transformative. 


As the smartphone evolved, so did our approach to digital marketing.


Topics in this report:

  • The power of trasformation in the palm of your hand
  • Moving toward mobile maturity
  • A two-part rallying cry for the next decade
  • A screenshot of advanced mobile maturity
  • Strategize: Think big picture, but a small screen
  • Engage: Get up close and personal
  • Optimize: Modify or Die
  • Looking ahead to the next ten years of mobile


Published by Adobe




Authors: Docent Ecommerce

Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 10-02-2018

Number of pages: 47

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