What is the STP-model and when do you use it?

STP-model explained

What is the STP-model?

The STP Model helps you position a product or service to target different groups of customers more efficiently. STP is the shortcut for:

  1. Segmentation,
  2. Targeting and
  3. Positioning

This three-step approach helps you quickly zoom in on the most profitable parts of your business, so that you can fully exploit the opportunities these offer.


How to use the STP-model?

start by segmenting your market into groups.
Next, choose which of these you want to target.
Last, identify how you want to position your product, based on the personality and behavior of your target market.

When do you need the STP-model?

The STP is input for your Marketing P's. (The 4 marketing P's)

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