The Evolution To Real-Time Customer Experience Optimize Customer Experience With CX Data Platforms

The real-Time customer experience with CX data platform

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Your customers dictate your success. The digital era has not only shifted the power to them but has also raised their expectations for customer service that is prompt, consistent, and personalized. But as much as organizations try to address the needs of these empowered buyers, they struggle across the board with customer experience (CX) initiatives.

By using CX data platforms, organizations will enable a secure, singular view of the customer in real time, giving marketers and CX professionals important insight into every interaction so they can provide personalized and seamless customer experience across all touchpoints. In January 2017, DataStax commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the current success of CX initiatives at US and European organizations and the challenges these organizations face.



KEY FINDINGS of real time customer experience

CX decisions are not driven by real-time data.

To engage customers in the moment, companies require data systems that provide insights in real time. However, 95% are unable to make sense of customer data and struggle to gain real-time insights from it. Thus, companies are hindered from serving customers in their immediate context, ultimately hurting their business results.

Customer experience is not truly personalized.

Today’s personalization efforts are haphazard. Companies rely on segmentation, use single data points, or provide no value when personalizing experiences, thus not doing so effectively. Companies need to make investments not in systems of engagement but in systems of insight, because a 360-degree view of the customer is a requirement to provide truly personalized experiences.

CX data platforms are an imperative in the age of the customer.

Most companies are investing in technology to improve their CX. Almost 90% of CX decision-makers believe they would see notable improvements in their CX as a result of implementing an integrated CX data platform. Those who have already implemented a CX data platform are more likely to have a successful CX strategy and effective personalization efforts.



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